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With my father serving in the Navy along with three of his brothers and several friends being in law enforcement/fire department, respecting and honoring their service and commitment to community has always had a special place in my heart.  I've known Jeff and Zanna for many years now, it was no surprise to me that as they began formulating the Honor the Brave Program, they put a great deal of thought into what they really wanted the program to be, the purpose (or more accurately "the heart") behind it and even what the program should be named.  In real estate, it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers such as "How many referrals will I get?" or "How much money will I make?".  That is where HTB is different.  HTB is about the why... its about the heart.  It's as Zanna often says, "It's not about what we do, but why we do it". Our First Responders and Military deserve to be appreciated for all they do and especially the things behind the scenes that we don't typically hear about or we fail to completely understand because sometimes you just can't understand until you live it. 

This became exceptionally real for me when my son joined the Marines in 2019 at 17 years old.  Fast forward several  years and I not only see the the sacrifice a family makes, but I feel it... daily.  When one enlists, the whole family joins.  When one becomes a First Responder, the entire family is hired.  Holidays, birthdays, vacations, funerals and the birth of children are missed. Uncertainty of the future takes on new meaning. Worry about safety and when will I see my loved one again becomes a daily thought. I cried the first time my naïve self realized that my son does not sleep in a warm, comfortable bed every night when he is out in the field for days on end. This is the reason why every time someone calls me to list their home or help them purchase, I ask if they or a member of their family is Military or a First Responder. It is my privilege and honor to rebate my commission and honor their service with a donation to a charity that shares the same heart for serving, whether they are first hand "Brave" or a family member supporting the Brave. I met with an elderly lady today whose son served in the Army in the early 80's.  She proudly had his picture displayed in her home along with several other Military family members.  When I told her about HTB, the smile that lit up her face and the appreciation for the acknowledgement of her family's service was priceless and reminds me why HTB is so important and different from most other programs of the same nature. I am so grateful to be an active part of honoring our Brave through HTB. 
The Aguilera Real Estate Team
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