Rachel Rising

REALTOR, Bozeman Real Estate Group

As a realtor, I have always had a passion for all things real estate, but my passion has been greatly complimented by a deeper commitment to giving back to those who serve our communities and country. My desire to assist military, fire, and law enforcement personnel in finding or selling their homes stems from deep respect and gratitude for the sacrifices these individuals make for us on a daily basis. 

These brave men and women dedicate their lives to serving and protecting us, often facing unique challenges and uncertainties. Helping them find a place to call home is my way of expressing extreme gratitude for their service. They are often faced with relocations and deployments and facilitating smooth transitions during these periods helps alleviate some of the stress associated with frequent moves.  Whether they are returning from a deployment or transitioning between assignments, being able to offer a seamless and efficient home-buying/selling process is my way of giving back and contributing to their peace of mind.
Partnering up with Jeff and Zanna and Honor the Brave is another way to thank those who have done so much for us! Their Brave Benefit is only a small token of our ongoing appreciation for those who serve.  Helping these men and women find or sell a home is not just about real estate; it's about building a connection, showing appreciation, and being a supportive partner in their journey.
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