Amanda Brown

REALTOR, Elite Real Estate Group | Keller Williams

The part of my job as a Realtor, I enjoy the most, is handing over the keys to a hard working family who just closed on their new home- especially their first home.  I know personally, as a single parent living in California - buying a home is not an easy thing to accomplish. When I came across Honor The Brave, I knew it was a non-profit I would love to be a part of because I am able to give back to my clients even more than I could before. I also have incredible respect for all service men & women.  They endure so much, while risking their lives for us.  My grandfather fought in the South Pacific in WW2, his stories were incredible to listen to , which I will never forget. 

I am also extremely grateful for all first responders.  I have had to call upon my local police department and paramedics a few times in my life. They are always kind and professional.  They are so good at calming down a very stressful situation when a family member is hurt.  I know that on a daily basis our first responders are put in seriously dangerous situations, whether it be crime, wildfires or life saving rescues. 

As you can see, belonging to Honor the Brave was an easy decision.  I know exactly where my donation is going and to whom.  I also get to give thanks to all the incredibly brave people who serve & protect us everyday! 

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